The technology of lifeClipper3 is based on the lifeClipper2 system. Major hardware changes between the two systems included the replacement of the GPS device and cameras, and the implementation of a biofeedback system. The potential of the software was improved by combining Virtools and Max/MSP. The components are shown below:

Figure left: Layout of all technical components.
Figure right:
Setup of the backpack.




1a = Laptop (Windows7)
1b = Laptop exchange battery unit
2 = GPS main unit
3 = GPS antenna
4 = GPS battery
5a = Head Mounted Display (HMD), control unit and glasses
5b = Direction sensor (included in HMD)
5c = 2 cameras (included in HMD)
5d = Headphones (included in HMD)
5e = Speaker microphone (included in HMD, for evaluation and documentation)
6 = WiFi USB stick (for RTK GPS improvement)
7 = Finger mouse (allows the visitor to take pictures)
8 = Biofeedback sensor and chest belt (for breath interaction)
9 = iCubeX (for additional sensors, not included in the set for now)
10 = Second microphone (for real-time environment sound effects, not on the picture)
11 = iPhone (used as external control unit)