Since lifeClipper3-playground is a multidisciplinary project, involving more than 11 international professionals, it was essential to develop a script in order to bring all the parts together. It includes explanations for people not directly involved in the process, but excludes specifications on a management or codification level.

As well as concrete instructions for the different tasks, the script therefore contains brief descriptions of ideas and concepts behind the artistic implementation and an explanation of technical conditions which influenced design solutions. Basic lists of parameter settings and definitions of correlations between the introduced elements are combined with pictures, illustrations and montages, as well as examples from other media such as films, games and text quotations.

Because lifeClipper3-playground is based on a generative system, the script is a non-linear description and illustration of all the parts and their correlations. The elements are the terrain and atmosphere, the cosmos, the climate, the creatures (fauna and flora) and the avatar. All together, they form the ecosystem.

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Figure: Image of the dramaturgy system including all major elements.